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Fiona Tan : Geography of Time

Posted on December 21 2016

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Fiona Tan : Geography of Time │By (author)  Sabrina van der Ley , By (author)  Enrico Lunghi , By (author)  Susanne Gaensheimer , By (author)  Suzanne Landau , By (author)  Eva Klerck Gange , By (author) Christophe Gallois , By (author)  Peter Gorschluter , By (author)  Angela Jerardi , By (author) Jenny Hval , By (author)  Ruth Direktor


"Geography of Time" brings together video and photo installations by Amsterdam-based artist Fiona Tan (born 1966) that explore themes of memory and identity in mesmerizing ways. These include "Nellie," "Vox Populi," "Changeling," "Diptych," "Provenance" and "A Lapse of Memory."


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