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The mystic body. Patrizia Guerresi. Maïmouna

Posted on September 14 2016

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The mystic body. Patrizia Guerresi. Maïmouna │Translated by M. Haggerty


Her works are delicate narratives with fluid sequencing, an appreciation of shared humanity beyond borders – psychological, cultural, and political. For more than two decades, Guerresi’s pictures focus on bringing together cultures, empowering women and revealing a universal truth about community and the soul. She uses recurrent metaphors such as milk, light, the hijab, trees, and contrasts with white and black to create awareness of the unifying qualities of Islamic spirituality.


Product details

  • Hardback | 190 pages
  • 240 x 280mm
  • Prearo
  • 30 ill. b/n, 138 ill. col.
  • 9788873480440


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