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Today, almost everyone can have and keep contacts with people living in other parts of the world. In that, virtual sense, we can be here and there, north and south at the same time, unconsciously ‘supporting’ the well-known idea of globalisation. Our presence and identity are thus potentially multiplied without limits. But, in the end, there are still some questions related to the topic: in our era of migration and mobility what is the definition of border? Are there still issues connected to this concept?
These are some of the reflections considered by the artists and their artworks one will find in this book. The title, Open Boundaries, suggests in fact a visual meditation around political and cultural diversities, such as linguistic, communication and ethnic differences, but also geographic and economic separations.



Aline Aronsky, Amir Lavon, Andrea Limauro, Anett Udud, Anna Deligianni, Anya Saxby, Chris Boyko, Deanna Miesch, Deimion 'Peim' Van Der Sloot, Eva Rocco Kenell, Gomez Alexis, Greg Bal, Hailee Potter, Harald Wawrzyniak, Ira Talanchuk, Jacquelyn Stuber, Joaquin Palting, Kateryna Borovschi, Ko Smith, Kostyantyn Smolyaninov, Kristy Campbell, Kyoko Takei, Leah Oates, Maddie Adams, Martin Lau, Michael Amato, Nancy Wisti Grayson, Nick Tarasov, Pablo Azar, Sun Moqing, Tahir Ün, Thibaut Fleuret, Thien Hoang Doan, Zuzanna Banasinska


Other details

Authors Silvia Colombo, Antonio Muratore

Publication date 10 February 2018

Publication City/Country Rome, Italy

Publisher LoosenArt

Language English

Format Hardback Laminil | 90 pages

Dimensions 210 x 297 x 16mm | 260g

Illustrations note 82 colour illustrations







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