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Constanza Oxenford - Misterio


21 X 50 cm

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Many women in Argentina, and in Latin American countries, have played the role of mothers to children who are not their children. Women who work as domestic staff in a household but fulfill a function that completely exceeds their job description. I was one of the beneficiaries of this unconditional love. Zoe, the woman who raised me, lovingly exceeded her role, and with an enormous spiritual, emotional, and practical ease, played the role of a mother. Zoe took care of me and my siblings as if we were her children. - C. O.
Medium: Photography
Year of realization: 2022
Constanza Oxenford - Misterio 21 X 50 cm Lim. Ed. #2

Photographic Paper Quality

Small      » Printed on Fujifilm dp2 Professional Photographic Paper / 260gr


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