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Violeta Morano - Cherry Coloured Funk



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VISIONS OF SOUND :Noises, Rhythms and Acoustic Ambients │ Read on Magazine about this exhibition


This image is part of a series called Dádiva, where I try to mimic the different forms I see when I listen to music by scanning fruits, flowers and objects. This image was created while listening to the song Cherry Coloured Funk of Cocteau Twins. - V. M.
Medium: Digital
Year of realization: 2021
Violeta Morano - Cherry Coloured Funk 50 X 70 cm Lim. Ed. #5
Violeta Morano - Cherry Coloured Funk 70 X 100 cm Lim. Ed. #5

Photographic Paper Quality

Medium  » Printed on Fujifilm dp2 Professional Photographic Paper / 260gr

Large      » Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Luster Photographic Paper / 290 gr

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