LoosenArt Mag / Gallery

General conditions


Based on the principle on which LoosenArt projects rests (read supporting organizations engagement), the commercial conditions expected are below expressed.
For each one artwork sold, the import in percentage:


  • 50% .....       Artist
  • 30%     ....    Gallery
  • 15%             Environmental Organizations 
  •   5%    .....    Administration  


Each artwork featured at LoosenArt Gallery are available to purchase in the following sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

The artist is invited to make available the only printable sizes.

Each artwork proposed by our authors will be proportionally re-sized with the limit of the formats below.


30 x 50 cm     │11,8 x 19,7 inch  SMALL size.... ..... .€ 280,00

50 x 75 cm     │19,7 x 29,5 inch  MEDIUM size ... .....€ 390,00

70 x 100 cm   │27,6 x 39,4 inch  LARGE size....... ....€ 500,00

100 x 150 cm │39,4 x 59   inch  X LARGE size      ....€ 620,00


Photographic Paper Quality
Small      » Printed on Fujifilm dp2 Professional Photographic Paper / 260gr
Medium  » Printed on Fujifilm dp2 Professional Photographic Paper / 260gr
Large      » Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Luster Photographic Paper / 290 gr
Ex-Large » Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Luster Photographic Paper / 290 gr


  • LoosenArt conditions includes to take of awareness of commercial conditions above described.
  • All artworks presented at LoosenArt Gallery are available for sale.
  • Artworks on LoosenArt Gallery are printed by the organization
  • Printing cost is borne by the artist. Printing costs may vary by the size following: 150x100 cm € 75,00 / 100x70 cm € 55,00 / 70x50 cm € 35,00 / 50x30 cm € 25,00
    Printing costs are indicative. Printing costs will always be communicated to the author before its realization: a further confirmation acceptance will be requested by the author.
  • LoosenArt accepts only artworks which applied a limited editions of #2 minimum up to #9 maximum for each format proposed by the Gallery.
  • LoosenArt requires the artist's consensus to make available for sale a minimum of 2 up to 9 editions for each artwork on Gallery.
  • Prices offered by Loosen Art Gallery, applied to all artworks, can be subjects to change in growth rate. The amount in percentage for the author will remain unchanged at 50%
  • In case of sale the artist accepts to provide to Loosenart the signed warranty certificate scannered and sent via email. Only after receiving such document will be credited the percentage amount for the artist.
  • Publication, printing, purchasing and shipping phases are managed by LoosenArt.
  • The accepted artworks to take part of LoosenArt gallery collection could be available to create advertising for the same gallery, events and services offered by loosenart.com.
  • Each artist featured at LoosenArt.com may forward a request to remove the own artwork/s from the online platform at any time through an email communication at info@loosenart.com
  • 12 months later the insertion date on Gallery section, Loosenart reserves the possibility of removal of the artwork/s.
  • All artworks presented by LoosenArt Gallery have to be available for sale with the lower or equal price compared to the proposals offered by other galleries or any other kind of online platforms.
  • Each author have to provide the selected artworks in large format with minimum resolution of 300dpi.
  • The purpose of the Law on copyright, LoosenArt Gallery doesn't use any images without author's consense.
  • Every four months term (end of April, August, December), will be provided to the artists the percentages amount of the artworks sold during the previous four months.
  • Each artist will get his percentages by payment method communicated in the adhesion form. Any commissions and transaction fees are not borne by the gallery.