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How to Partecipate


Every month LoosenArt proposes several calls for exhibition open to photographers and digital visual designers.

Our Calls are Free Entry - Each artist is free to submit 1 up to 3 works addressing the theme for each listed call.

Submit your work through the forms linked in each listed call.

Visit the CALLS dedicated section to view all the ongoing and past open calls.




LoosenArt events are hosted at Millepiani venue, in Rome - Italy. 

Click here for more infos about MILLEPIANI



    Selection and Invitation

    We look at every submission, however due to volume, we are unfortunately unable to respond to all photographers and designers.

    Each selected artist will receive a direct invitation email to take part in the our exhibitions within 30 days from the deadline call date.




    In case of selection, to take part in the LoosenArt exhibitions, the artist is invited to complete three simple steps that will be forwarded by invitation email: Artwork Card + Print Realization + Upload Artwork File
    In case of selection, to take part in the LoosenArt exhibitions, each artist is invited provide for the amount useful to realize his own artwork print and one copy of the exhibition catalogue.
    Once the exhibition end, the print remains the property of the artist.
    Artwork print and one copy of the exhibition catalogue can be received at the space Millepiani or via postal service - cost borne by the artist.
    Costs for artwork print and one copy of the exhibition catalogue € 29,90.
    Standard artwork print format 70 X 50 CM ( 27,55 x 19,7 inch).
    No further fees concerning organization will be required from the organization.
    This method is adopted by LoosenArt for organizational reasons and above all to reduce the costs of the individual participant that usually have to face whenever decide to take part in an exhibition
    (it mean print realization + shipment of the work to the exhibition venue + paper exhibition catalog).
    • Some examples of the past exhibition catalogues Surfaces AbsencesMemories  (format 29 x 21,7 CM / 11,4 x 8,5 inch)
    Each artwork featured during the exhibition will be available for sales. 100% sale amount will be kept by the artist. In case of sales during the exhibition No commission will be kept by the organization.






      LoosenArt has a consistent no-reveal policy towards your email address and personal data.
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      For further informations contact us at info@loosenart.com