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Modality artist presentation - Commercial conditions


Modality of artist presentation

LoosenArt is an art gallery that offers a kind of platform which aim is to make know artist's works with a direct implication and partecipation with our users and costumers to understand in brief meanings and cultural value of what they see. Artists and artworks will be presented by LooseArt in the follow modalities

  • Group exhibition during the current year in one of the city of Rome or London.

          At LoosenArt web site

  • Brief comment about general artist's work
  • Interview
  • Artworks on gallery available for sale


  • Each selected artist will get an e-mail confirmation from LoosenArt.
  • The selected artist will get a second e-mail where will find five questions for the interview and a link where submit the answers and all need required.
  • Once the artist has provided to send all needed stuff, in 20/40 days will be given official the publication at LoosenArt.com.


General commercial conditions

Based on the principle on which LoosenArt projects rests (read supporting organizations engagement), the commercial conditions expected are below expressed.
For each one artwork sold, the import in percentage:

    • 50% .....       Artist
    • 30%     ....    Gallery
    • 15%              Environmental Organizations 
    •   5%    .....    Administration


      Each artwork featured at LoosenArt Gallery are available to purchase in the following sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large (not mandatory)

      Each artwork proposed by our authors will be proportionally resized with the limit of the formats below.


      30 x 50 cm     │11,8 x 19,7 inch  SMALL size.... ..... .€ 280,00

      50 x 75 cm     │19,7 x 29,5 inch  MEDIUM size ... .....€ 390,00

      70 x 100 cm   │27,6 x 39,4 inch  LARGE size....... ....€ 500,00

      100 x 150 cm │39,4 x 59   inch  X LARGE size      ....€ 620,00   ( not mandatory )


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      • LoosenArt conditions includes to take of awareness of commercial conditions described above.
      • All artworks featured at LoosenArt Gallery are available for sales.
      • LoosenArt accepts only artworks which applied a limited editions of #2 minimum up to #9 maximum for each format proposed by the Gallery.
      • LoosenArt requires the artist's consensus to make available for sale a minimum of 2 up to 9 editions for each artwork on Gallery.
      • 12 months later the insertion date on Gallery section, Loosenart reserves the possibility of removal of the artwork/s.
      • Each artist featured at LoosenArt.com can request the cancellation from LoosenArt project at any time through communication via email at info@loosenart.com
      • The purpose of the Law on copyright, LoosenArt Gallery doesn't use any images without author's consense.



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