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  • Migrations and the Shifting Borders

    Posted on February 02 2023

    Authors Silvia Colombo, Antonio Muratore . . Migrations and the Shifting Borders │ January 13 - February 16, 2023  . . The current events that provoke mass migration, as shown by...

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  • Political Statement

    Posted on January 28 2022

    + Author Silvia Colombo . . Political Statement │ January 21st - February 16th, 2022  . . By stepping back and going straight to the etymology of the word “politics”, one...

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  • Environmental Alterations

    Posted on August 28 2021

    + Author Silvia Colombo . . Environmental Alterations │ 25 August - 22 September 2021 . . As the title suggests, “Environmental Alterations” is a group exhibition showing video, photographic as...

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  • Diaries. Private and Shared Stories

    Posted on December 29 2020

    . Author S Colombo . . Diaries │ 4 December 2020 - 7 January 2021 . . The diary as a writing genre has always been meaningful to literature and arts since...

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  • Home: A Place About Us

    Posted on August 26 2020

    . Author S Colombo . . Home │ 7th August - 16th September 2020 . . One has never experienced his/her house so much as this year. In 2020, during the...

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  • Isolation. Living Apart

    Posted on February 28 2020

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Isolation. Living Apart │ 5th February - 5th March 2020 . . It is hard to believe that, in an overcrowded planet, there is still...

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  • Polina Teif

    Posted on March 11 2019

    Polina´s photographic and video production is the result of deep research, long observations and, most of all, action - or “active witnessing”, as she stated.. . When I am present...

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  • Sumon Yusuf

    Posted on July 13 2018

    Coming from a family of artists and being interested in photography since when she was young, Sara has acquired familiarity and intimacy with this medium. Looking at her pictures, that...

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  • Braguino or The Impossible Community

    Posted on April 30 2018

      Author Silvia Mazzuchelli Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . The new edition of European Photography is under the aegis of the "revolution of the gaze and vision", one of the consequences...

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  • Time and Memory in Roberto Toja's Images

    Posted on December 04 2017

      Author Giovanna Gammarota Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . What is the flowing of time? In the reunited Berlin, almost thirty years after the fall of the wall, what attracts...

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  • Shift - The Exhibition

    Posted on November 15 2017

      . Author Silvia Colombo . . “Shift” is a matter of movement, “shift” is a matter of change, of displacement. This is the meaningful message given by the title...

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  • Taha Ahmad

    Posted on October 23 2017

    Thanks to his work, the Indian photographer Taha Ahmad intends to engage us in his world, and he does that with a very specific focus. Interested in documentary photography since...

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  • Enrico Doria

    Posted on August 06 2017

    Enrico Doria's images presented at LoosenArt belong to the project "Greetings from Suburbs", a project held in South Africa through which Enrico Doria tells life in the townships of big cities...

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  • Alexandra Anikeeva

    Posted on January 28 2016

    Alexandra Anikeeva is a russian photographer engaged in the documentary field. Her studies in geography at the University of Stavropol direct Alexandra's interests towards travels and cultures, an interest that...

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