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In an ephemeral dimension, as the one we live in, everyone feels the urge to expose himself, one way or another – it doesn’t matter if in his “real life”, or on social media as well. Luckily, because and as a consequence of that, some of us think it is also necessary keeping distance from this exposure, in order to think and reflect about our role in the world or media themselves, for example. 

This is the legacy we have received from the past, when Conceptual Art was an artistic expression where “the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work”, as stated by Sol LeWitt (1967). At the same time, that was also a way to meditate on and to communicate language, society and its complex layers.
Paying homage to that essential cultural moment, this book is entitled Conceptual, aiming to collect pictures and graphic works circulating around this field.
Without a doubt, in almost half a century things have changed significantly, especially for what concerns the media and the technology used, but the results are still very interesting.



Ana Santos, Anastasia Potekhina, Andre Duane Woodard, Andrea Jimenez, Andrea Lima, Andrew Mattern, Andrew Payne, Annette Elizabeth Fournet, Anto Christ and Casio Ono, Ayaka Oku, Boris Marinin, Brittany Williams, Chan Hong Yui Clement, Chong Ying Ying, Ciara Barker, Cristòbal Carretero Cassinello, Danny Frede, Dario Pellegrino, Diana Pacelli, Elvira Kolerova, Eva Vestmann, Frank Bell, Greg Bal, Inna Mosina, Irene Cruz, Ishita Adhikary, Ivan Pushkin, Jessica Casey, Julie Renée Jones, Kalderone - Kevin Marguin, Katarzyna Nizinkiewicz, Krzysztof Ślachciak, Kyra Schmidt, Lee-Marie Sadek, M. Apparition, Malcolm Easton, Manuela Granziol-Fornera, Marcelina Wellmer, Marcie Rich, Marcus Escribano, Maya Zehavi, Megan Jacobs, Nadav Ariel, Nhawfal Juma'at, Selena Slack, Serhiy Morgunov, Sinead Curran, Sofia Erto, Stefano Laddomada, Tabita Pietsch, Thibaut Fleuret, Veronica Nardulli



Other details

Authors Silvia Colombo, Antonio Muratore

Publication date 15 January 2018

Publication City/Country Rome, Italy

Publisher LoosenArt

Language English

Format Hardback Laminil | 92 pages

Dimensions 210 x 297 x 16mm | 260g

Illustrations note 82 colour illustrations







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