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The modern, industrialised and technological city is at the centre of the attention since its birth, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, since then, even if time has passed, (almost) nothing has changed from this point of view. The cultural field is still interested in taking care of the environment that surrounds us, recording on different supports what is happening. This is exactly the aim of this book: a series of pictures showing us the present situation of several cities in various parts of the world. Going through the book’s pages, the reader will have the possibility to experience an impressive, engaged and sometimes provocative tour of the world, flying over Italy and China, Russia and USA, Turkey and Kenya.



Anton Hamilton, Aviram Bar-Akiva, Charlotte Hansford, Chris Von Holle, Christine Carr, Coral Pereda Serras , Daniela Bombelli, Dmitrii Volkov, Elke Morris, Emily Hawkins, FeiFan Zhang, Gary Duehr, Hale Allen, Hayley Haddad, Ilinca Ciubotariu, Jeremy Ackman, Joseph O'Neill, Julian M Johnson, Le Paih, Lumazen, Marcelina Wellmer, Mary Henderson, Mikhail Emelchenkov, Miyung Kim, Molly Goldfarb, Parth Gupta, Shaye H. Garrigan, Tahir Ün, Tatyana Palyga, Tegwen Evans, Vangelis Artemou (B14)


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Authors Silvia Colombo, Antonio Muratore

Publication date 1st March 2018

Publication City/Country Rome, Italy

Publisher LoosenArt

Language English

Format Hardback Laminil | 88 pages

Dimensions 210 x 297 x 16mm | 320g

Illustrations note 80 colour illustrations







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