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  • Christian Boltanski: Anime. Di Luogo in Luogo

    Posted on July 07 2017

      . . From June 26 to November 12, 2017 Christian Boltanski is the main focus of Anime. Di luogo in luogo, a rich programme of events involving many urban...

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  • Postcards from Europe. An interview with Eva Leitolf

    Posted on June 25 2017

        Author Silvia Mazzucchelli . . I met the photographer Eva Leitolf at the conference Etica dell’immagine that took place last month at the Goethe Institut in Turin (Italy). Her work, Postcards...

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  • Suzanne Brown

    Posted on June 22 2017

    If people is more attracted by something visible and tangible, the photos of Suzanne are the perfect instrument to highlight and spread a specific message. And if they are also...

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  • A Surreal Vision - The Exhibition

    Posted on June 02 2017

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . From the 1st to the 30th of June, the space Millepiani in Rome hosts a collective art show in which a group of photo/graphic...

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  • Michal Konrad

    Posted on May 29 2017

    Michał Konrad is a Polish visual artist class 1983 living and working in Wodzisław Śląski. In 2006 he earned a master's degree at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. He...

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  • The Image of the Savage - The Exhibition

    Posted on May 05 2017

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . This collective exhibition wants to explore the natural and wild state of the humankind through a series of photographic and graphic works by authors...

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  • Daria Amaranth

    Posted on April 09 2017

    Daria Amaranth is a Russian photographer based in Saint Petersburg. Due to her special talent in portrait, right from the very beginning of her career, her shoots have been featured...

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    Posted on March 27 2017

        Author Riccardo Venturi . . Retrospectives of contemporary photographers have only been hosted in contemporary art galleries in the past ten years, on a par with monographs of...

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  • Madeleine Kukic

    Posted on December 17 2016

    Most of the imagery present in LoosenArt is extracted from the series entitled "Study", a work in progress project born in 2015. Even these, such as those of the previous...

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  • Laura Migliorino

    Posted on December 01 2016

    The author explores spaces in a state of abandonment or of unexpected departure, creating a feeling of being animated and inhabited but absent at the same time. Laura Migliorino in this series...

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  • Inna Mosina

    Posted on November 22 2016

    Inna Mosina is a Russian fine art photographer of 26 years old who lives and works in the city of Saratov, she graduated in law, but the call from art...

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  • Jelle Van Hulle

    Posted on November 08 2016

    Jelle Van Hulle is a Belgian artist born in 1978 in the city of Bruges. After his graduation and master in audiovisual arts in Brussels, he  expands his artistic universe...

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  • Moira Ness

    Posted on October 27 2016

    Nightscapes is a collection of urban and suburban pictures of Toronto City taken during the night hours, Moira Ness' images are the evidence of an experience in which the photographer...

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  • Maria Barlasov

    Posted on October 22 2016

    The relationship between physical space and the photographic image is at the center of research of Maria Barlasov, as the same artist say, the spaces she is interested in are...

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  • Kyra Schmidt

    Posted on October 12 2016

    Transcriptions series is the result of a work which concerns the ontology of the photographic medium and that can be summarized as an exploration of how technology aids us in...

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  • John Sanderson

    Posted on September 19 2016

    The images present at LoosenArt belong to the series titled "Railroad Landscape", a project dedicated to US railroads and to the symbolic value these have taken in the culture of...

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  • Santosh Korthiwada

    Posted on September 05 2016

    Santosh Kumar Korthiwada is a San Francisco based Photographer and Film Maker, from Hyderabad - India, he has obtained several recognitions, is a documentary award winner and his fine art and documentary ....

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  • Henriette Heimdal

    Posted on July 31 2016

    The entire work of Henriette Heimadal, is a reminder of the culture and places of the country of origin, very noticeable are the influences that come from the 19th century  icon artists...

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  • Madiha Abdo

    Posted on June 05 2016

    Madiha Abdo is a visual artist living in London, her interest in the medium of photography is evident since her childhood, interest that leads her to attend photography courses at...

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  • Salar Niknafs

    Posted on May 31 2016

    Researcher, media artist and musician, Salar Niknafs lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, where he has completed his Doctoral of Philosophy in Science at The University of Wollongong for which...

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  • Ray Klimek

    Posted on May 12 2016

    Ray Klimek, American from Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Wilkes University and gets his maser degree in English and American Literature from Rutgers University in 1987, in 2001 he attended...

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  • Jacob Alexander Wildfong

    Posted on April 19 2016

    Native of Holland, Jacob Alexander Wildfong begins his artistic training path in photography and design in the U.S., path that includes in addition to his studies at the Savannah College...

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  • Stanley Shoemaker

    Posted on February 18 2016

    Stanley Shoemaker, a Mexican photographer class 1979, his artistic background comes from the school of Mexican photography “Fabrica de imágenes”, it then matured and increased through his participation in various...

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  • Ozge Cone

    Posted on February 14 2016

    Ozge Cone is an artist born in Instabul who lives and works in London. She received her art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, where obtained her...

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  • Marina Danic

    Posted on January 29 2016

    Marina Danić is a visual artist who lives and works between Chicago and Belgrade. She studied documentary and feature film at Cleveland State University, and after graduate from the department...

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  • Alexandra Anikeeva

    Posted on January 28 2016

    Alexandra Anikeeva is a russian photographer engaged in the documentary field. Her studies in geography at the University of Stavropol direct Alexandra's interests towards travels and cultures, an interest that...

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  • Ding Ren

    Posted on January 28 2016

    Ding Ren is an artist, writer and teacher living and working between Washington DC and Amsterdam. She attended the George Washington University in United States receiving her Master of Fine...

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  • Michal Hustaty

    Posted on January 28 2016

    Michal Huštaty is a Slovakian multimedia artist based in Luxembourg. After he attended the Secondary School of Fine Arts, studied Audiovisual and Digital media at Academy of Arts in Banská...

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