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  • Interview with Caterina Morigi

    Posted on October 25 2019

    Author Sara Benaglia / Mauro Zanchi . . Interview conducted on the occasion of the exhibition Metafotografia 5th October - 3rd November 2019 Baco ass., Bergamo, Italy . . M. Zanchi, S....

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  • Suburbs and Peripherals Environments

    Posted on October 18 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Suburbs │ 4th October - 5th November 2019 . . Suburbs. Sub-urbs. As the etymology suggests, the word here considered indicates a place hierarchically located...

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  • Mariya Andriichuk

    Posted on September 27 2019

    Mariya Andriichuk was born in Ukraine in 1983, where she is still currently living and working, based in the city of Kyiv. Versatile professional, she deals with photography and film...

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  • The Game

    Posted on September 17 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . The Game │ 6th September - 3rd October 2019 . . It is amazing to see how many different interpretations a subject can raise. We...

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  • Exist, Resist, Photograph

    Posted on September 02 2019

          Author Silvia Mazzucchelli Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . Libuše Jarcovjáková lives in Prague. She studies at the Film Academy (FAMU), but her images are too eccentric. She can't...

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  • Tagging Aesthetics #0: A Cultural Critique of Categorization in the Age of Social Media

    Posted on August 06 2019

      Author Nicola Bozzi . . The following essay introduces a series of interviews that will be published on Digicult in the following weeks. I have been conducting these and...

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  • Glitches and Defects. The Ordinary Errors

    Posted on July 24 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Glitches and Defects │ 5th July - 5th August 2019 . . Glitches and Defects represents a paradoxical interpretation of today’s world, where everything must...

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  • Liliia Beda

    Posted on July 12 2019

    Natural lights, vibrant colours, penetrating gazes shape balanced compositions halfway between a photographic image and a painted portrait. This is a short description of Liliia Beda’s work.. . I like...

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  • Urban Lights

    Posted on June 26 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Urban Lights │ 7th June - 4th July 2019 . . The word pair ‘city-light’ speaks for itself, being one of the most suitable synonyms for...

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  • Paolo Pellegrin. Shout with Eyes

    Posted on June 21 2019

      Author Marco Belpoliti Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . There is a verse by René Char in Fogli d’Ipnos that makes one think of contemporary photography, and in particular that of...

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  • Stranger than Fiction

    Posted on May 23 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Stranger than Fiction │ 2nd May - 6th June 2019 . . Already at the end of the 19th century, in the critical essay “The Art...

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  • Molly Budd

    Posted on May 20 2019

    “ ’Mistakes’ are my best inspiration”. This is just a short preview – as well as an intriguing excerpt – taken from the interview with Molly Budd, visual artist and...

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  • “Red Umbrella Struggles”: an Exhibition on Sex Work Industry

    Posted on May 12 2019

      . EDITH-RUSS-HAUS FOR MEDIA ART - OLDENBURG18 / 04 / 2019 – 23 / 06 / 2019 . . Red Umbrella Struggles is an international group exhibition that revolves around...

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  • Environment Documenta

    Posted on April 24 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Environment Documenta │ 4th April - 1st May 2019 . . Climate change, ecology and pollution have recently been among the most recurrent and sensitive...

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  • Inventory of Fragments

    Posted on April 01 2019

      Author Mauro Zanchi Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . For Alberto Sinigaglia (1984) the construction of a project is like an investigation, which continues to evolve to build a visual language,...

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  • Perceptions

    Posted on March 21 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Perceptions │ 1st - 31st March 2019 . . How many interpretations can one give about life, nature, art? Should we consider our point of...

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  • Polina Teif

    Posted on March 11 2019

    Polina´s photographic and video production is the result of deep research, long observations and, most of all, action - or “active witnessing”, as she stated.. . When I am present...

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  • Bodies in Movement

    Posted on February 22 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Bodies in Movement │ 1st - 28th February 2019 . . When the words ‘body’ and ‘movement’ meet and match together indissolubly, it is worth...

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  • Dancing with Witches: A Mysterious Digital Exhibition

    Posted on February 11 2019

      . . On 16 January British Council has launched Dancing with Witches, the third edition of its digital arts platform Museum without Walls. Curated by Turkish curator Mine Kaplangı, the exhibition focuses...

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  • Shadows : Presences and Absences

    Posted on January 25 2019

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Shadows │ 4th - 31st January 2019 . . The new exhibition season at Spazio Millepiani in Rome starts with the collective exhibition “Shadows”, open...

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  • Ryoichi Kurokawa and the Natural Unity of Time

    Posted on January 10 2019

      Author Giovanna Gammarota Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . In the most accredited theory on the birth of the Universe it has been defined that its expansion began immediately after the...

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  • Surfaces

    Posted on December 22 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Surfaces │ 5th December 2018 - 2nd January 2019 . . A surface usually evocates something undefined, sometimes contradictory, as it can refer to reality as...

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  • A Reflection About the Image. Interview with Lesley Johnstone

    Posted on December 18 2018

      Author Pierre Chaumont . . Reflection is a new “series” of discussions with curators, philosophers, artists and cultural workers about the image in its broadest sense. Thinking about image-making, the diffusion...

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  • The Essential of Contemporary

    Posted on November 26 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . The Essential │ 2nd November - 3rd December 2018 . . According to the most common definition, the word ‘essential’ is referred to something “extremely...

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  • Is Photography a Sculpture?

    Posted on November 15 2018

      Author Mauro Zanchi Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . Mauro Zanchi: Can you talk about the imaginary territories you find in your photographs (printed scans)? .Giulia Flavia Baczynski: I can start...

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  • Memories: From the Experience to the Construction of the Past

    Posted on October 17 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Memories │ 5th October - 1st November 2018 . . The exhibition season at the Space Millepiani in Rome starts again with Memories, open to...

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  • On the Trail of the Glaciers: Exploring the Past for a Sustainable Future

    Posted on October 12 2018

      . . On the Trail of the Glaciers: Exploring the Past for a Sustainable Future . . On the Trail of the Glaciers is a photographic-scientific project created by...

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  • The Punctum as Glitch in Contemporary Art: The Art of Rosa Menkman

    Posted on September 22 2018

      . . In our ever increasing technological world, glitches and crashes that are a result of error have become a part of our culture. Interaction with machines has evolved...

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  • Plastic

    Posted on September 12 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Plastic │ 5 - 30 September 2018 . . Plastic is the title of the temporary exhibition organised at the space Millepiani in Rome, opened...

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  • Make and Think About Photography

    Posted on July 31 2018

      Author Stefano Chiodi Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . Among the greatest contemporary historians and theoreticians of contemporary art, Jean-François Chevrier (1954) has developed in the last three decades an original...

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  • Alteration: Errors Manipulations and Changing Processes

    Posted on July 23 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Alteration │ 5 - 31 July 2018 . . “Alteration” means a disturbed, non-linear, distorted reality as seen by the exhibited artists – by their eyes,...

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  • Sumon Yusuf

    Posted on July 13 2018

    Coming from a family of artists and being interested in photography since when she was young, Sara has acquired familiarity and intimacy with this medium. Looking at her pictures, that...

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  • Sara Wallach

    Posted on July 02 2018

    Coming from a family of artists and being interested in photography since when she was young, Sara has acquired familiarity and intimacy with this medium. Looking at her pictures, that...

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  • Underwater

    Posted on June 20 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . Underwater │5 - 30 June 2018 . . According to our culture, water represents a powerful element often appearing in visual or literary traditions. For...

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  • Animals & Us: An Exhibition on the Relationship Between Humans and Other Animals

    Posted on June 12 2018

      . Turner Contemporary, Margate 25 / 05 / 2018 - 30 / 09 / 2018 . . This summer Turner Contemporary presents Animals & Us, a major exhibition exploring artists’ reflections on...

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  • Tania Bohuslavska

    Posted on June 01 2018

    Mainly focused on herself, Tania Bohuslavska likes to explore her body as a metaphor of the emotional and mental conditions she feels. As she affirms, identity, sexuality, loneliness and fear...

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  • Liu Liu

    Posted on May 19 2018

    Fascinated by the way photography can make you observe and approach the world in many different ways, Liu Liu has been focusing on cultural and identity-related issues from the very...

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  • Absences

    Posted on May 13 2018

    . Author Silvia Colombo . . We often see absence as a negative condition, as the opposite of something more than a ‘status’, an idea itself. In doing so, we usually...

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  • Braguino or The Impossible Community

    Posted on April 30 2018

      Author Silvia Mazzuchelli Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . The new edition of European Photography is under the aegis of the "revolution of the gaze and vision", one of the consequences...

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  • About Me

    Posted on April 12 2018

      . Author Silvia Colombo . . The title chosen for this collective exhibition, accessible during the whole month of April within Millepiani space in Rome, is clear and evocative at...

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  • The Mask

    Posted on March 21 2018

      . Author Silvia Colombo . . One of the most immediate creative forms going through history and centuries, from the ancient times until today, is the mask. Connected to a...

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  • Jose Martinez

    Posted on March 15 2018

    What is the limit between childhood and adultness? And most of all, there is a limit between these two? With his last project, entitled ALEA, the photographer Jose Martinez tries...

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    Posted on February 26 2018

      . Hayward Gallery, London, 25 / 01 / 2018 - 22 / 04 / 2018 . . London’s Hayward Gallery stages the first major UK retrospective of the work of acclaimed...

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  • Modules

    Posted on February 17 2018

      . Author Silvia Colombo . . Already in the ’30s of the last century, within the book The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical reproduction (1936), Walter Benjamin...

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  • Joel Han

    Posted on February 06 2018

    In an ordinarily crazy dimension prevailed by chaos, schizophrenic lives and sounds, the visual work of Joel Han (b. 1988) is a perfect, harmonious break. After a relevant educational path...

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  • Lauria Marie

    Posted on January 09 2018

    The entire Lauria Maire's production revolves around man and his complexity, trying to capture the infinite aspects related to him including his relationship with nature. All the travellings made over...

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  • Frank Machalowski

    Posted on December 19 2017

    The most of the people trust a photograph as a contemporary document. I use multiple exposure and other analog and digital techniques to create a universe that runs parallel to...

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  • Time and Memory in Roberto Toja's Images

    Posted on December 04 2017

      Author Giovanna Gammarota Translated by Jennifer Cooper . . What is the flowing of time? In the reunited Berlin, almost thirty years after the fall of the wall, what attracts...

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